THE EVIL THAT MEN DO: Check Out The Chilling New Trailer For Ramon Térmens's Crime Pic

Ramon Térmens's latest thriller, The Evil That Men Do, was at some point picked up by XLrator Media. The new Spanish bilingual thriller based on a story by Térmens and actor Daniel Faraldo, is now poised to release on VOD wherever movies are sold starting on October 17.
Two soldiers of a powerful Mexican cartel, having lost their link to humanity, spend their time cutting people into little pieces and sending the parts to their enemies. Their lives are changed forever with the arrival of their next victim: the 10-year-old daughter of a rival cartel boss, who is entangled in a struggle for power with their own boss.

The girl is doomed from the start. Her only chance of survival is to reach deep inside the psyche of her captors and find out if there is a dint of compassion left in them.
Also starring are Andrew Tarbet, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, and Priscilla Delgado star. Hat tip to ScreenAnarchy who've presented the official trailer offering a look into the maniacal world of two criminals forced to confront a compelling moral dillemma.

Check it out.

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