Seth Larney Unleahes The Beast In The Latest TOMBIRUO: JUNGLE GUARDIAN Trailer

Seth Larney's resume is something pretty interesting. His work credits span more than a decade of performing behind the scenes on numerous independent and Hollywood productions up to 2008 when he started directing shortfilms and even a 2015 documentary.

At some point between then and now, his feature film debut at the helm has since landed him greener pastures in Malaysia where Astro Shaw is proudly presenting, Tombiruo: Jungle Guardian. The film is inspired by a 1998 novel of the same name and is slated for a local release on October 12 with a script by Yasmin Yaacob and Choong Chi Ren, and action sequences by Wong Choon Meng who last worked on Wilson Chin's Special Female Force.
Tombiruo Penunggu Rimba is the story of a man who was cast out at birth for his horrific facial deformity, and raised in the jungle by the hermit, Pondolou. 
When Pondolou is killed by mercenaries seeking to drive the indigenous tribes from Keningau, Tombiruo sets out to avenge his father’s murder. This puts him in direct conflict with the ranger Amiruddin, who holds Tombiruo responsible for the death of his beloved wife, Salina. 
Thrown into the mix is the investigative journalist Wan Suraya, who believes Tombiruo and Amiruddin are victims in a wider conspiracy and is determined to uncover the truth. 
This is the story of one man’s perilous quest for revenge, his discovery of love and kinship, and his journey to become the Spirit of the Jungle.
The second of two trailers among four promos have since arrived and it appears both trailers are English-subbed. Check them out below! (Hat tip to ScreenAnarchy)

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