LUNA'S REVENGE: Don't Miss The Latest Trailer For The German Language Thriller

Khaled Kaissar's directing debut, Luna's Revenge, is interestingly inspired by a true story. I think it's an eerie tale and I can see how it would bode so well as a concept presentable with a theatrical narrative.

Such is what the film hopes to accomplish with Kaissar producing with Thomas Wöbke, and with a script by Ulrike Schölles. Lisa Vicari and Carlo Ljubek lead the cast for the new thriller which just had its day at Film Fest Munich.
Inspired by the true story of a Russian agent couple living undercover for more than 20 years in Germany, LUNA'S REVENGE is both gripping drama and espionage thriller. Lisa Vicari ("Hell") delivers an outstanding performance in the directing debut by Khaled Kaissar, producer of "Stereo".

Luna, a smart, self-possessed and carefree 17-year-old, is spending her summer vacation in an idyllic mountain chalet with her family, when their holiday harmony suddenly becomes a nightmare: Foreign men take the family hostage and kill her parents and little sister. Luna only barely manages to escape, chased by the killers. Soon she has to find out they all were living a lie: Her dad was a Russian secret agent, their wholesome family was just his cover. He lived that way in Germany for 20 years. When he was uncovered by the German BND and had to betray his comrades, it was a death sentence for Luna's family. Luna finds refuge with quiet loner Hamid, an Afghan who was a Russian agent like her dad, and his best friend. Hamid wants to smuggle Luna out of the country, but she can't leave without avenging her family's death. With Hamid's help, she sets out to find the murderers, and make them pay..
Universum Film is rolling out the new thriller in German cinemas in February. Check out the most recent trailer below!

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