LAUGHING UNDER THE CLOUDS: Don't Miss The Explosive Full Trailer

Fresh from his latest theatrical run with Ajin: Demi Human, Motohiro Katsuyuki is back with another new adaptation as the first of up to two that are forthcoming for Blade Of The Immortal co-star, Fukushi Sota. Enter the world of Laughing Under The Clouds, inspired from the pages of Karakara-Kemuri's 2011 novel and now on full display with an official trailer to introduce the action, comedy and wartime upheaval with Nakayama Yuma and Furukawa Yuki also starring.
The time is the end of Samurai era (Edo) and the new Meiji government is founded in Japan. Legend has it that a gigantic snake “Orochi” which has a special power revives every 300 years and brings harm to the country. Three young brothers, Tenka (Sota FUKUSHI), Soramaru (Yuma NAKAYAMA), Chutaro (Kirato WAKAYAMA) who are the guardian of Kumou shrine stand up to prevent the “Orochi” from coming back to life along with the Meiji government’s army to save the country. However, the evil Fuma ninja clan attempts to use the power of “Orochi” in order to weaken the government letting the snake to attack and eventually taking over Japan.
I can only hope the right distributors here in the U.S. will grant this one the theatrical release fans throughout deserve and not just the business-as-usual event screenings. The latter can be a real buzz kill.

Check out the trailer below along with two earlier teasers ahead of the film's March 21 release.

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