IMPOSSIBILITY DEFENSE: Catch The Chilling New Teaser Trailer From The Director Of 'Sadako VS Kayako'

Shiraishi Koji (Sadako vs Kayako) doesn't have much going for its current literary title reading as Impossibility Defense, so I expect something of a change in the next few months. In the meantime, its substance is certainly striking and does wonders for its latest official teaser trailer now online.

The film hails from the authored and inked pages of its 2013 Grand Jump manga mag publication adapted by Shiraishi with co-scribe Junpei Yamaoka. Leading the way is actor Matsuzaka Tori who plays a red-eyed contract killer whose suggestive abilities to manipulate his targets become priority for at least one relentless detective unbeholden to his powers.

Shinobi and Shinjuku Swan co-star, actress Sawajiri Erika also stars in a female iteration compared to the manga. A J-drama is also expected to air following the film's February release in Japan.

Check out the teaser below.

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