FORGOTTEN: Catch The Latest Trailer For Jang Hang-Jun's South Korean Kidnap Thriller

Writer and director Jang Hang-Jun is returning to the limelight with the new mystery thriller, the aptly titled Forgotten. Jang also co-wrote Kim Seong-Hun's 2014 hit crime thriller, A Hard Day, one that I inexplicably kept putting off but nowadays can't seem to recommend enough.

Actors Kang Ha-Neul (Empire Of Lust) and Kim Moo-Yul (Warriors Of The Dawn) lead the intrigue and suspense for a tale of two brothers - the youngest whose suspicion is raised when the eldest starts to exhibit lacking memory after re-emerging from a 19-day disappearance. Moon Sung-Geun (Sea Fog) and actress Na Young-Hee (Horror Stories) also star for the film's forthcoming release next month with a date pending.

Check out the latest trailer.

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