EuropaCorp Rebounds, Announces Action Thiller ANNA For Fall Production

Luc Besson hit it big with box office numbers upwards of over $460 million in 2014 with sci-fi thriller, Lucy. Sadly, his latest effort with French novel adaptation, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets never panned out in the same capacity.

The certainly had its ambitions upon releasing this summer, although they weren't enough with EuropaCorp ultimately inclined to restrategize in the wake of big losses in the past financial year and scale down its TV and film slate. Thus, the syllabus currently includes Besson's newest action thriller, Anna, following a co-production deal exclusively reported at Variety which is now set to go before cameras next month.

Russian model, actress and Valerian co-star, newcomer Sasha Luss is set to headline a cast featuring Helen Mirren, Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy. EuropaCorp's own Marc Schmuger is producing with Lionsgate planning its release under its Summit Entertainment label.
“We are delighted to be reunited with Luc and his EuropaCorp team on another exciting, action-packed film featuring an A-list cast,” said Lionsgate MPG chairman Patrick Wachsberger and president of acquisitions and co-productions Jason Constantine. “Luc is a visionary filmmaker with whom we are proud to extend our longstanding relationship.”
Plot details have yet to be made known but considering Besson's cult-acclaim and knack for otherwise buzzworthy spectacle, Anna sounds like its in good hands. All it needs now is a solid script, acting and story, and cohesive action scenes that won't make moviegoers regret paying $20 bucks for a ticket.

Plus, there's a lot riding on this as the start of a new phase for EuropaCorp and they're definitely in the market for a good movie that can be critically received well and sell to audiences. Seeing as how some Hollywood features as of late have been presenting their respective stuntwork with improvements in lensing, editing and overall perfoemance, perhaps Anna will be the one that continues the trend. We'll soon see.
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