24 HOURS TO LIVE Kickstarts Ethan Hawke's Deadly Day Of Vengeance In The First Trailer

Following up from his 2008 effort with Hero Wanted, stunt authority Brian Smrz has returned to the helm once again with the new action thriller, 24 Hours To Live. Saban acquired the film back in May and is currently set to screen at the Austin Film Festival next week.
Travis Conrad (Ethan Hawke) is a former elite soldier devastated over the recent tragic deaths of his wife and young son, when his old army buddy “Jim Morrow” (Paul Anderson) shows up with an offer he can't refuse. Morrow now works for a powerful and highly secretive private military contractor, Red Mountain, who hires Travis for an extremely dangerous – but extremely lucrative – assassination job. Travis accepts the covert assignment, but everything goes completely wrong when he is shot and killed by an equally skilled female Interpol agent, “Lin Bisset” (Xu Qin) right at the moment he locates the target. But, just when we think it's curtains for Travis, he wakes up in an operating room, his body convulsing back to life – a recipient of Red Mountain's brand new, highly experimental medical procedure that will give him 24 more hours of life… plenty of time for Morrow to extract the location of the target, information that only Travis knows. 
Also starring are Liam Cunningham and Rutger Hauer.

The film's Austin premiere will also share a theatrical release from Italia Films in the U.A.E. on October 26 with rollout plans in Malaysia from Golden Screen Cinemas.

Saban's U.S. rollout could launch in December; An official trailer for that end still needs releasing but we now have a full and publicized look at the first official push that samples all the action and upheaval brought in part by the producers of Lionsgate's John Wick franchise.

Take a look!

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