Yamazaki Takashi's DESTINY: KAMAKURA STORY Tells Of Supernatural Wonder And Intrigue In The Latest Trailer

Yamazaki Takashi immediately became a favorite of mine upon with his 2002 sophomore outing, hit sci-fi action thriller, Returner. Since then, he's built the brunt of his work on his bolstering ability to engage some purely epic storytelling with ample results on projects like Parasyte: Part 1 and Part 2 as well as sprawling war drama, The Eternal Zero, and his newest, Destiny: Kamakura Story, aims to further continue the trend.
Isshiki Masakazu, a mystery writer living in Kamakura who is also a skilled detective. Together with his wife Akiko, he interacts with the demons, spirits, gods, buddhas, and aliens of Kamakura. His acquaintances and friends range from affiliates of the Police to mysterious animals. Adults and children will enjoy this work of mystery as he solves difficult and strange cases with a variety of characters as his side.
Hailing from Toho with a release planned for December 9, Yamazaki directs from his own script inspired by the work of author Saigan Ryohei's popular 1984 manga series. Cast are actor Sakai Masato and actress Takahata Mitsuki and a raft of characters, practical and motion captured to introduce the film's supernatural millieu, host to a variety of creatures and critters and lush backgrounds.

Toho just released the latest trailer which you can view below followed by the first trailer just beneath.

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