THOR: RAGNAROK Gets A Glorious Final International Trailer

Hope remains for all things Akira-related with the most recent spurt of optimism welcomed by the possible addition of director Taika Waititi into the mix. As it stands, his touch on the property wouldn't likely be very distant and equally characteristic of the tone and texture we've been acquainting with in the various trailers for his next big feat, Thor: Ragnarok which opens on November 3.

It's an exciting time for comic book fans and for an equally rousing spectacle with actor Chris Hemsworth starring opposite Cate Blanchett as the villainess Hela. Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban and Jeff Goldblum make up the remainder of the cast for the film's release in all its dazzling, nostalgically tethered fantasy action glory with Avengers: Infinity War arriving next year as well.

Comic Book released an exclusive international trailer which you can view below. It's the final trailer so take it all in along with all the current and forthcoming TV spots to come.

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