THE WALKING DEAD: War Is Imminent In The Latest Promo

I've rarely had the opportunity to enjoy television. Streaming apps like Netflix were just what the doctor ordered and so you're reading the words of a man who just wrapped up seven seasons of AMC hit series graphic novel adaptation, The Walking Dead, inside a three-month period. I took a bit of time somedays and binged on others but it feels a lot better to finally have a grip on what to expect for season 8 when it premieres on October 22.

AMC just rolled out a quick promo for the new season which continues the epic saga of a small band of post-apocalyptic survivors whose longstanding battle between the living and the undead have now neared them to an all-out war with a tyrant and his relentless cult-like army. I'm pretty sure from that point on those of you who've seen the show don't need me to tell you who's expected to return, but I am keen on seeing Shiva maul the shit out of some more Saviors.

The promo is brief but check it out below. I'm sharing the comic con trailer from July as well, 'cause...why not?

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