THE LIQUIDATOR: Don't Miss The Latest Trailer For Xu Jizhou's New Crime Thriller

Director Xu Jizhou is poised to present his new cinematic venture to audiences in China on September 30 with the new psychological crime thriller, The Liquidator. The film is based on the final installment of a series of novels from author Lei Mi who gets some cameo time in the film which stars Deng Chao, Ethan Ruan and Cecilia Liu among its cast.
A series of murders occurs in a city, committed by a mystery man named Jiang Ya. He regards himself as the "city's light", taking matters into his own hands by killing off criminals. Police investigator Fang Mu is tasked to investigate the identity of the murderer. Together with forensic fingerprint expert Mi Nan, they set out to solve the mystery and fall in love in the process.
Teasers and trailers have already begun circulating and you can catch one of the latest ones below along with a stack of character posters just beneath.

THE LIQUIDATOR - Character Posters
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