THE HIT LIST: September 4, 2017

My weekend was a little too slow. It was probably a good thing since I needed some rest. Plus my current addiction is Sons Of Anarchy on Netflix and I just wrapped season two, so I'm currently getting over the feeling of having my insides ripped open after that explosive finale.

Apart from that, I felt energized enough to finish this week's Hit List in time for your enjoyment beginning with the usual raft of today's top and upcoming stunt talents: Daniel Nelson, Rachel Star Withers, Dylan Rampulla, Kate Angus, Yavuz Topuz, Andi Norris, Bryan Dodds, Nikkilette Wright, Asaya Yasushi, Monica Lopez and Philippe Vonlanthen, and the latest from Eric Jacobus bringing to life legendary Tekken character, Hwoarang.

As far as promotion items go, there's a bit to share. Up first is a brief courtesy reminder for the current crowdfunding campaign to support Jacqui Vedura's inspired return to the title role of DC femme fatale Harley Quinn in a follow up to her own hit fan film released in December. Visit the Jabronie Pictures Facebook fan page for further info on the project and much more.

Next up is a pair of images for upcoming projects we can expect will make great entries in the Fights & Films column of the Hit List. Barilliant Action's own Kevin Barille teased me last week with the first still featuring himself opposite Davis Chong and they've only ever done some of the best stuff I've ever seen since I began following him in 2014.

The second pic reveals Film Combat Syndicate favorite, actress and filmmaker Yadi Nieves, in the first of a few teaser images now viral for an upcoming project from Distinctive Light Entertainment.

Teaser Pics

Last and far from least are two trailers - the first of which entails, Netfights, with a premise that delves into more archaic means for irreconcilable differences. This one comes courtesy of writer, producer and director Eoin O'Brien who also stars next to Alex Winters and Kelly Jones.

Three Dragons comprises all you need to know regarding the second trailer which has Troy Butler, Pat Chu and Jason Elwood Hanna teasing with a taste of things to come in their own forthcoming shortfilm.

Peep it!

Jay Kwon kicks off this last segment of the Hit List on the action end of things lensing Anthony Oh and Vonzino Simmons, as does Fire Bunny Films with Oshima Haruka and Darlene Rae trading a few blows of their own. Trackabangbang continues the momentum with a recent four-way melee for battery power and chivalry featuring Lauriane Roualt, Anthony Pho, Drhyan Dray and Jordan Pavlik while Anthony Javier rolls out this week with silent action comedy skit, Don't Mess With The Cook, Mickey Arce and the and the Brothers Nguyen get it on at Lunar Stunts in Rumble In The Jungle, and Angela Jordan brings her A-game in her most dangerous and epic battle yet over at Art School Dropouts in Intern vs. Fly.

Mikko Löppönen returns this week with a camera test action vid soaked in brutality featuring Jessica Wolff and Judit Sziva before filmmaker and actor Tanner Jubert makes the Hit List this week with his latest assassin comedy, The Chronicles Of Damien Price. Tanja Keller makes her shortfilm debut on both sides of the lens this week in Beyond Return with action powerhouse, Ron Smoorenburg, and the launch of Online Action Project breathes new life into Brazil's action talents with action comedy short, Five Minutes Without Losing Friendship, featuring Renan Da Silva Medeiros and Bruno Prilip Do Carmo.

Finishing the playlist is last week's full-on debut of Jaze Phua's new webseries, The Rule Breakers. Phua directs and leads the cast expanding its concept from two 2014 shortfilms that now see what was once an all-boys school descend into chaos following its merger with an all-girls institution. James Fong and Grace Teo also star among the cast for its current five-episode run, the next of which arrives Thursday from JUO Productions.

Enjoy the hits!

Don't miss last week's entries if you have sometime to spare and want more where these goods came from. Sub to the channels for your show of support and share the Hit List with friends and action film fans to help these talents get the exposure they need. And, if you or someone you know has something equally badass in the realm of stunts and action with a reel or a project that deserves promoting or sharing, share it with us at and we'll be more than happy to weigh in.
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