THE HIT LIST: September 18, 2017

I did a lot of work this weekend. So, don't be surprised if things slow down a bit for me this week. At best, I might be able to pace myself and keep going but a little me-time also suffices.

For now, at least you have this week's installment of the Hit List to relieve your boredom. Demos, goods to promote and much more are on the way starting with a fresh new batch of stunt and training reels ripe with great talent featuring Saidqua Bynum, Dan Mast, Evelyn Osorio Vacaro, Brandon Ly, Hong Berghof (more on her later), Tim Storms, Dina Cataldi, Clancy Petersen, Katie Schwartz, Taylor Castriota, Carlton Hoyles, Sia Alipour, and a 2017 reel celebrating progress over at New York's Breakfall Studios.

Moving forward, we have two new items to help push, and we start the most recent poster debut for actress and martial artist Bridger Fox's latest turn at the helm, Assassin's Curse. The new action short is well underway ahead of its forthcoming 10X10 Filmmaker Challenge premiere at the Esquire IMAX Theatre in Sacremento California on Sunday, September 24 and tickets are now on sale for which you can purchase by clicking here.

In videos, this one comes courtesy of actor and filmmaker Joey Min who last made an effort for inspired LARP project, The Forgotten Kingdom, back in 2015. Since then, he's managed to further amplify his creative staple at Art School Dropouts with a bustling team of his own, and the channel just reached its 5K milestone in subscribers on YouTube.

For this, it's reasonable to believe Min and the rest of the ASDO collective are a little more confident this time around in making their crowdfunding goals to bring the kind of stylish and entertaining independent martial arts action and comedy now gravitating their viewership. ASDO is now ready and focused on helping bring The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story to life with your help, as well as perks available in exchange for donations now applicable at the IndieGoGo campaign page, and a campaign video to help get the word out.

As they say: Better late than never! And I'm late by about six months for this one but it comes from German media and so obviously things like German rock band Brett with a purely kick-ass music video like Sister would be obscure to me. It sucks that I only just now spotted this, but I'm all the more happy to have caught it to share courtesy of the Chimperator Productions YouTube channel and director Dennis Dirksen with a story centered on one woman's action-packed mission to rescue her captive brother.

The aforementioned Hong Berghof stars along with Max Huang and Phong Giang with action sequences by Kai Fung Rieck. Click play and let 'er rip!

At long last, time to finish things off this week with a playlist ripe with some new shorts as well as worthwhile revisits and old/new discoveries. Darren Holmquist and Dan Dargan Carter kickoff this week with their own new practice fight clips with friends while Alvin Hsing and Bryan Cartago play "finders keepers" the hard way in 2012 gem, Dirty Dollar. ScrewAttack pits Street Fighter character Dhalsim against the Wii Fit Trainer before we head over to the YouTube upload of last week's action short presentation, Savages from Adam Brashaw, and Aaron D. Alexander settles his own scores in writer/director Benjamin Moody's 2012 short, De-Pixelated: Assassin's Creed.

Brazil-based Renan Da Silva Medeiros and Bruno Prilip Do Carmo return to the Hit List as well with Online Action Project's Cook Or Kill sequel, and Emmanuel Manzanres's 2015 barrage of fisticuffs, bats and bladed furor, Monster, gets an encore presentation with Bryan Sloyer leading. Rounding out the playlist is a delightful comedic action romp pitting husband and wife against each other in a seemingly losing battle for peace of mind in Married Couple with Yasufumi Minowa and Nami Kusumoto starring.


Speaking of last week, The Hit List is a weekly effort and if you click here, you'll see plenty more raw, creative and innovative action to boot, all with links to previous weeks dating back to late 2014. Take it all in and support the channels by subbing, and share the Hit List with friends, and if you or someone you know makes killer shorts or has an equally awesome action demo that needs putting out, there's no need to be too formal. Just send it to us at and we'll be more than happy to take a look at it!
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