SKY HUNTER Aims High With Emotive Resolve And Stellar Action In The Latest Trailers

China isn't falling asleep at all these days. Riding the coat tails of its successes in military-centric cinema, we now have actor Li Chen (Chronicles Of The Ghostly Tribe) who has since taken the mantle with his own directorial debut on Sky Hunter, currently poised for a September 29 release in China.

The film is a first for the middle kingdom's film industry, backed by the PLA as a premiere aerial warfare action thriller centered on a team of Chinese Air Force pilots protecting their country against outside threats. Nationalism aside, the film's look and tone so far play out as very pleasing in shots of gravity defying dogfights to accomodate the desired military might.

The film is produced by Lv Jianmin who also produced Wolf Warrior and its current hit box office sequel which leaves reason to hope this one will strike similar accolades. Also starring are Fan Bingbing, Wang Qianyuan, Li Jiahang, Leon Lee, Guo Mingyu, Ye Liu, Wu Xiubo and Wang Xueqi with Tomer Oz playing the villain.

Check out all the action below along with the latest poster art just beneath!

SKY HUNTER - Main Poster, Character Posters
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