RE:BORN: Hero Musings Set The Tone For The Breakneck New U.K. Trailer

Four years since stirring talk of sequels and a retirement, it wasn't until the last few years we finally started learning what to make of all that noise with the announcement of the new movie, Re:Born. The messaging on that film's development then slowly seuged from talk of his final film endeavor to something much more ceremonial in the cult action star's return, which is understandably confusing. Forgiveable? Well, why not?
A legendary soldier with a mysterious past decides to unleash his inner beast to stand up for what he cares about. 
RE:BORN marks the comeback of Tak Sakaguchi (Versus, Alive, Shinobi:Heart Under Blade), often described as one of the most under-rated actors in the action movie scene, and this film highlights him at his very best. Director Yuji Shimomura (Flash Point, Warriors Way, Gantz:Perfect Wars) teamed up with fight choreographyer Yoshitaka Inagawa, a former close combat instructor for U.S. Special Forces and other international commando units. The film showcases Inugawa's Zero Range Combat System - a technique focused around extremely quick and efficient movements at close range.
Indeed, 2016's trending ta6gline, "Tak Is Back", has some weight to it since the actor's last appearance in Sono Sion's riproaring, gory action comedy love letter to celluloid, Why Don't You Play In Hell? Having abstained away from lead roles for a short while, Re:Born nonetheless hails a necessary comeback for an adorned festival favorite. Moreover, that longtime film friend and confidant Shimomura Yuji directs is also a major plus, marking Re:Born as his second narrative feature since helming Sakaguchi's 2005 fantasy action thriller, Death Trance, which went rumored for a sequel more four years ago (something that made news of Sakaguchi's retirement all the more surprising and saddening).

Re:Born is still slated for more exclusive screenings with its U.K. premiere slated for September 16 as part of The Fighting Spirit Festival line-up. Eureka Entertainment announced its own forthcoming home viewing release in the U.K. last month, and has since a presented a thrilling new trailer that packs as much promise as it does punch.

Check it out.

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