PRIMAL: Nicolas Cages Hunts Both Man And Beast With Production Starting In October

XYZ Films via The Hollywood Reporter
If anyone needs me, I'll be writhing in the imaginary awesomeness of that unmade Superman Lives which actor Nicolas Cage says is the greatest of its kind since it is all in our heads...or something.

Meanwhile, we're here in the real world where Cage doesn't need moviegoers relying on mythical satisfaction. Specifically, I speak of events at TIFF where he's actually stirring some pretty positive attention with tangible projects from various companies, including the forthcoming production of Primal which The Exchange is shopping at the festival for buyers in Toronto ahead of production in Puerto Rico on October 23.

As THR reports, veteran stunt coordinator Nick Powell will be helming from a script by Richard Leder which casts Cage as Frank Walsh, a big game hunter whose voyage to the U.S. on a Greek shipping freighter packed with exotic and deadly animals from the Amazon turns into a fight for survival when Richard Loffler, a political assassin being secretly extradited to the States, escapes the custody of his U.S. Marshals and sets free the caged animals, including a rare white jaguar. Daniel Grodnik (Heist, Bobby, Powder) is producing the film as well as financing as the launchpad for his newly established Vancouver and Beverly Hills-based Wonderfilm with Kirk Shaw, Jeff Bowler and Bret Saxon.

Michael Becker is executive producing.

Powell is best known for his services on projects such as The Bourne Identity, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Cinderella Man prior to his 2014 directorial debut, Outcast, starring Cage along with Hayden Christiensen, Crystal Liu and Andy On. Cage is also slated to appear in one other revenge thriller, Mandy (pictured above), for which Beyond The Black Rainbow helmer Panos Cosmatos directs with XYZ Films handling worldwide sales and whose Nate Bolotin is producing along with Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller and Elijah Wood for SpectreVision, and Adrian Politowski for Umedia. And even better: You don't have to imagine clicking here to learn more about it.

See how easy that was, Nic?

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