Kwak Kyung-Taek's RV: RESURRECTED VICTIMS Tackles Murder Mystery And Eerie Phenomena In The First Teaser

It's kind of peculiar that it took two years to arrive, but the theatrical release is finally imminent the fascinating new thriller, RV: Resurrected Victims. Writer and director Kwak Kyung-Taek (Friend, Friend 2, Typhoon) has set his sights here, adapting Park Ha-Ik's 2012 novel with a script that ensues the enticing new tale of a mother who targets the witness of her own heinous murder: Her own son.
Dead victims, who are called RV (Resurrected Victims), come back to the living world to kill their murderer who went unpunished. After killing their murderers, the RV disappear. 
7 years ago, Seo Jin-Hong witnessed his mother killed during a robbery. His mother, appearing the same as when she died, appears in front of him. She tries to kill Seo Jin-Hong.
The first official teaser arrived this week and it shows good and plenty to be excited for. Actress Kim Hae-Suk reunites with Eye For An Eye co-helmer Kwak, and with Gangnam Blues and The Prison actor Kim Rae-Won leading the cast for the film's Korean release in October from Showbox.

Peep it!

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