HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN Spawns A Pair Od First Look Photos At Neil Marshall's Dark Hero

The most recent Hellboy reboot was the shot heard around the comic book fandom, affecting any and all who've been fond of Guillermo Del Toro's treatment of Mike Mignola's 1993 Dark Horse publication. Further upset was stirred prior to the addition of actor Daniel Dae Kim in the days that followed Deadpool co-star Ed Skrein's departure following a whitewashing backlash pertaining to a Japanese-American character.

All things now settled and considered, the new adaptation, Hellboy: Rise Of The Blood Queen, hailing from Lionsgate for a January 11, 2019 release, is looking to ease fans' concerns some with a preferable nudge into better graces. They've done so with a few new photos of Strange Things series co-star, actor David Harbour in the title role and in full Hellboy mode as filming began this week. Harbor and Dae Kim are joined by Ian McShane and Sasha Lane with actress Milla Jovovich in the role of our aforementioned villaness of royalty.
Hellboy Pics (Lionsgate)
The film is about Hellboy going to England, where he must defeat Nimue, Merlin’s consort and the Blood Queen. But their battle will bring about the end of the world, a fate he desperately tries to turn away.
Centurion helmer Neil Marshall is directing from a script by Mignola, and scribes Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Aron Coleite. Producing are Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin. (Deadline, CBR)
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