FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Materializes Its Latest Official Poster

Director Fumihiko Sori's new action adventure, Fullmetal Alchemist, arrives on December 1. With it, as previously reported, comes the daunting task of condensing a 27-volume manga and adapting it into a feature film which is still hard to believe, especially if you've seen the anime - which I have. Both iterations, in fact.

Can Sori-san pull it off? I really don't know and the trailers, as ample as they are in just showing the necessary bits and pieces to stir hype, don't really speak much to the aforementioned m.o.. It's a big story with a lot of characters and my guess is some have been written out in the course of its development. At any rate, we'll find out soon enough, but you're bound to be in full view of some of the more outstanding principles from the good and evil spectrum.

That divide weighs centrally on its period setting in which two brothers, afflicted from childhood after a failed attempt at alchemy to resurrect their dead mother, find themselves on an epic quest to right the wrongs of the world in lieu of their military's forthcoming battle with dark forces from another dimension. Hey! Say! JUMP!'s own Yamada Ryosuke and actress Honda Tsubasa lead the cast with actors Fujioka Dean and Kohinata Fumiyo, and actress Matsuyuki Yasuko among the cast featured on the most recent poster which you can view below.

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