ENTER THE FAT DRAGON: Donnie Yen Announces Remake Plans With Wong Jing For Later This Year

It's a bit of a guessing game pertaining to some of the gems actor Donnie Yen has been throwing at fans on social media. Its taken confirmed trade news and other reports to help weave together a more concrete idea on what to expect from the action star as he's notoriously piled on in the last several years.

Thus, some projects are non-existent. Other are still lying in wait and as of Yen's recent news conference next to celebrated filmmaker and producer Wong Jing while promoting their latest pairing on Chasing The Dragon, word of more remake fare for Hong Kong cinema fans fond of Sammo Hung's 1978 hit, Enter The Fat Dragon.

Hung starred and directed the action comedy centered on a pig farmer who finds himself showcasing his fighting prowess as he's pitted against swarms of thugs upon arriving in the big city to aid his uncle's restaurant. The film is largely hailed as a humble, satirical nod to late martial arts legend Bruce Lee who famously shares the opening fight scene with a young, up and coming Hung in Lee's lauded American classic, Enter The Dragon. It later gained enough ressonance for a re-release on video in the U.S. with Hung's claim to fame on the hit CBS television series, Martial Law.

It's not too clear just yet how Jing and Yen plan on going about this but all roads currently point to the action star wearing a fat suit for a desired affect, just as he did for a commercial in 2015 with wife and business partner, Cissy Wang. It is worth mentioning, however, his performances in films like his own televised treatment of Fist Of Fury, as well as Legend Of The Wolf and in 2010 with Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen alone are enough to litigate another worthwhile homage to the Jeet Kune Do founder.

The film will also mark Yen's latest stint at refurbishing a martial arts action classic after stumbling critically with the first of an ill-gotten two-parter on Iceman 3D, the second of which still awaits a release. This shouldn't be a huge hurdle though, mainly with the actor riding high off of big buzz from his Hollywood endeavors on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage.

He also has Flash Point 2, as well as an adaptation of hit video game Sleeping Dogs in the works next to a fourth Ip Man film which shoots in early 2018. Whether the initial two fit in remains to be seen but Enter The Fat Dragon is expected to commemce principal photography later this year.

FCSyndicate reader Yi Liu Christina helped contribute to this report via MTime.
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