BEYOND SKYLINE: Liam O'Donnell's Sci-Fi Action Sequel Scores Multi-Platform U.K. Releases This Winter

Signature Entertainment has dibs for the upcoming U.K. release of Liam O'Donnell's long-awaited sci-fi sequel, Beyond Skyline. A Digital HD release is in tow for December 15 followed by Blu-Ray and DVD on January 8, 2018 while the best and earliest place UK fans can screen the film will be at the Horror Channel Fright Fest on October 28, provided that tickets are still available!
In the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2010 breakout blockbuster hit SKYLINE, tough-as-nails detective Mark (THE PURGE star Frank Grillo) embarks on a relentless pursuit to free his embittered rebellious son Trent (INSURGENT/ALLEGIANT star Johnny Weston) from a nightmarish alien warship as the extraterrestrial menace continues its human harvest. Set concurrently with the original sci-fi shocker, with Mark and Trent trapped on a subway train as the intergalactic invasion begins, THE RAID franchise martial arts star Iko Uwais joins the thrilling turbo-charged action adventure as a disparate group of survivors must learn the true meaning of family.
Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, Iko Uwais, Johnny Weston, Antonio Fargas and Yayan Ruhian lead the cast in surely the latest rousing effort combining international sci-fi lore with a diverse cast merging Hollywood and overseas crossover talents. A few trailers have already begun circulating this year while Signature Entertainment has theirs now live and available below.

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