AJIN: DEMI HUMAN Gets An English-Subbed Trailer For Its Singapore Release

I've seen some okay signs with respect to release news regarding live-action adaptations. Sakurai Gaimon's 2012 sci-fi action horror manga publication, Ajin: Demi Human, is one I'm amply hyped for in its latest treatement from Bayside Shakedown film series and Shaolin Girl helmer Motohiro Katsuyuki and so I'm compelled to help keep the excitement going on my end with the film's Singapore release on October 12.

For this, the latest trailer from Encore Films comes nice and English subbed for not-so-fluent types like myself in lieu of its September 30 release in Japan. The subs lend much more context here so you're not entirely lost in the imagery and spectacle, although the imagery and spectacle aren't don't exactly come dead last. It's an explosive story to follow from start to finish; I speak of the anime with respect to what we're offered in the trailers that have rolled out but Motohiro looks like he's handled himself pretty well on this. I've been long sold on it and I hope Well Go USA snags it first if not Funimation for its North American rollout.
The destiny of trainee doctor Kei Nagai (Takeru Satoh 佐藤健) changed one day after a fatal accident. Moments after he was killed on the road, Kei suddenly came back to life on the spot, leading to the shocking discovery that he is an Ajin 亚人, a race of demi-humans who cannot be killed. Because of that, Kei is pursued throughout the country and eventually captured by the government. He is then held captive at a mysterious research facility, where he is subjected to inhumane experiments.

There he encounters another Ajin named Sato (Go Ayano 绫野刚), who helps him. Kei soon finds out that Sato is a vengeful terrorist feared amongst both humans and Ajins, and has been plotting to overthrow the government at any cost. Though he is an Ajin, Kei rejects Sato’s extremist ideals and vicious methods, and wishes to be no part of their conflict. However, as Sato begins his shocking bid for power, Kei realises he must join the fight to end his violent campaign. What will be the outcome of a battle between these two demi-humans who can never die?
Catch the latest trailer and cross your fingers!

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