Action Spec, RUTHLESS, Lands Courtney Hoffman For Her Directorial Debut

Progress toward gender equality for women in film on either side of the lens is slow moving, but moving nonetheless. Its movement now brings us to the news of prolific costume designer Courtney Hoffman whose credits include Baby Driver and The Hateful Eight, as well as in directing with her most recent feminist Western short film, The Good Time Girls.

The project was shot it on 35mm and made it as part of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women and Refinery 29's Shatterbox Anthology. Apparently it's what also got Hoffman's foot in the door and well on her way to helming her debut narrative feature, Ruthless, an action speculative script written by John Swetnam which landed Amblin Partners back in February with San Andreas and Rampage helmer Brad Peyton attached at the time.
When a legendary retired assassin is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she must return to the life she left behind and complete one final job in order to secure a future for her young daughter.
According to Deadline, Matti Leshem of Weimaraner Republic Pictures tells of the influence shown in how Hoffman's work, per her case for readiness to tackle a major project with intricate action sequences and numerous locations.
“I saw the short and immediately felt like I’d seen something I hadn’t before, with a clear perspective, and beautifully and confidently shot,” Leshem told Deadline. “When the studio asked if we should consider her, we all said, absolutely. We met with her and heard her pitch for how to make the film. In 25 years of listening to pitches from filmmakers, I cannot remember being that excited by a complete view of the film she intends to make. She has worked on all those big films, and it was clear she understands the collaborative nature, and that she has all the necessary confidence to direct a big movie.”
Leshem is producing with Weimaraner Republic partner Lynn Harris and Vinson Films's Tripp Vinson. Peyton is serving as an executive producer on the film with Jeff Fierson.
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