STREGA: Garage Hero's Indie Toku Action Sequel Needs Your Help!

Japanese Tokusatsu maverick, Bueno, has been loyal to his Garage Hero brand since launching it in 2011, and has shown his committment to bringing indie acclaim with his edgy feature debut, Gun Caliber. Fans in the U.S. and elsewhere can find the film now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and even VHS from SRS Cinema, while it has more than a year since lending lip-service to the massea with an announcement teaser for the proposed sequel, Strega.

That sequel is now in production and aiming to no less keep the bold, brash, hyperviolent and gonzo tone of its predecessor with no apologies made. What's more? Fans now have a chance to throw their hats - and wallets - in the arena by contributing to their newly launched Indiegogo to help feed the cast and crew, as well as furbish the production accordingly, and for a project that stands to gain fruitfully with backing from some of the best of the best in Tokusatsu, like "Mr. Kamen Rider himself - actor Takaiwa Seji, action coordinator Taniguchi Hiroyuki, cult favorite Sakamoto Kouchi, and designers Koh Gideon and Komatsu Daisuke.
Following the events of GUN CALIBER, Japanese government decides to even further regulate superheroes AND the overall populace using the Vector Card, a new ID system. Vector also happens to be a corporation that has been gradually extending its power behind the scenes. 
Our hero, Soma Kusanagi, is a foul-mouthed ruffian marked as a persona non-grata by not only the government, but also Vector. However, he's one of the only people who can equip the "Stray Buckle" which transforms him into the hero, STREGA. Due to his pariah status, Soma, the former Gun Caliber, is forced to keep his newfound identity of Strega secret from the public eye. 
When a mysterious, yet boisterous Vector Card hacker emerges with a sinister plot to turn all of Tokyo into monsters, Soma is partnered up with a new recruit, Sayuri. Tokyo's fate now depends on the two unlikely heroes rising to their greatest challenge yet.
Strega is looking to earn up to $10,000 to help feed the cast and crew as well as furbish the production in all its phases, and with the promise of each donation guaranteeing a perk worth every penny. Such perks range from T-shirts, headsets, multi-media copies of the movie and a replica of the hero helmet, to everything mentioned above and more along with accessories, a Google Hangout with the Garage Hero clan.

There are stretch goals to unveil as well, but only if you can help unlock the campaign past its $10,000 milestone. Film duo Bueno and partner Raymond Arcega make their case in the following video, so take a look below and feel free to click here and spy an eye on the Indigogo page to help Strega shoot more evil in the dick and get the girl!

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