Screen Gems Moves Forward With Police Bodycam Fugitive Thriller, EXPOSURE

It's an all too-familiar setting often times when reading or watching local headline news regarding crime and police bodycams. From a creative standpoint, it's also understable that it be seen as ample source material for other media and storytelling and so the folks at Screen Gems are moving in on something in that territory as of this week.

It arrives now in the form of action spec script, Exposure, from screenwriter Peter A. Dowling with word that Sean Sorensen (Mayhem), who brought the package tobScreen Gems's SVP Production, Eric Paquette, is set to produce the film with Paquette himself overseeing. It'll take some time before we see more movement on this as history has often proven when it comes to certain spec scripts, but with a premise like this, I can already feel the promise it bodes, reading rightly as a fugitive cop action thriller with a Black female lead.
A rookie African-American female cop in Detroit rounds the corner just as corrupt officers are murdering several drug dealers, an event captured by her body cam. They try to kill her, and she is hunted throughout the night by the narcs who are desperate to destroy the incriminating footage and also a criminal gang who have been told she did the killing.
So the script is present... now all we need to know is who else will be boarding the project on either side of the camera. Even more importantly is who will step up to direct the film, and hopefully it will be someone sound of mind when it comes to filming action. At any rate, the appeal is definitely present on this one. (Deadline)
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