Netflix's THE PUNISHER Series Teaser Teases Sledgehammers, Skulls And Omens Of Violence

I actually thought last week's debut teaser for upcoming Marvel series, The Punisher, was as fake as most other fan-made trailers and only because of the grainy and low quality in which it was leaked by YouTubers. I then tuned into The Defenders series which pretty much confirmed it was legit, save for all the jocular John Wick comparisons, sledgehammers and such.

Regardless, it's a series made all the more worthwhile for those keen on actor Jon Bernthal who made the character as fascinating as he did in the second season of Daredevil opposite Charlie Cox. Executive producer Steve Lightfoot is shepherding the series adapting the famed comic book anti-hero who notoriously hunts down criminals in the wake of his family's murder.

A date still hasn't been set but the teaser does the trick in doing exactly that - Teasing and leaving you wanting more. Peep it.

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