I'm currently reeling over a two-year gripe about a fan film as I'm writing this (and possibly as you're reading this). However, I still have other things to do and as I continue to recover from my short-term rest from the night before, I wanted to share my latest experience this month with another individual I've come to love and respect over my years as a martial arts film fan and supporter of independent film and stunts.

This gratitude comes in the wake of having met another member of legendary stunt group, Zero Gravity, by the name of Tony Chu. He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and newborn daughter and while having experience and often collaborating from time to time with other stunt performers to film things, he's a photographer by trade, and you can learn more about his work via his official website, where he's continued to build his portfolio and expand his craft in the last several years.

Point in fact, he was actually in town for a photo gig at a wedding, and so like always, due to our respective busy schedules, it took a little planning days earlier. That didn't stop things from briefly fluctuating at the last minute but at long last, we finally caught up with each other for an opportune chat with each other. And this is someone I had spent years watching perform online dating back to about 2004 or 2005.

We went to a couple of places in the area, and I was pretty pleased he we were able to keep up with each other. He had already spent all day trekking throughout Midtown Manhattan with fellow New Yorker and mutual friend, Thailand-based actor and stuntman Charlie Ruedpoknanon (Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear), and carried backpack loaded with minimal tourist essentials - camera included.

I was at work and much farther than Tony expected and Charlie had places to go and things to do the next day, so three's company was out of the question unfortunately. Nonetheless, my evening with Tony was all the more worthwhile as part of an efforted move on my end to help make this meet and greet happen, making him the third person in the past two years with whom I had the rarest of opportunities to sit down and share a meal.

We chatted a bit about his previous work in stunts and his current profession among other things. More prolifically however, we talked food! Our first stop was at a place called Sugarburg in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn - a lively, bustling and darkly-lit eatery where I had the most ridiculous plate of Poutine ever served to fit a human's stomach. It's a YUGE cajun-style platter layered with seasoned French fries, chicken and melted cheese served with any side you choose from the menu. I ordered the bacon and even had a taste of these Brussels sprouts that Tony ordered with his taco dish.

The Poutine was absolutely delicious. Tragically however, I couldn't finish it and the waiter who served us, some Kristofer Hivju-lookin dude whose name I don't know, noticed. He humored me with a little empaty before mentioning he could finish a whole serving himself. I can't argue with that as he probably could, while my only crime was having a big lunch earlier. Needless to say, I will be back to Sugarburg one day to tackle that poutine like a should have.

Obligatory leftover doggybag in hand, Tony and I landed a hop-skip-and-a-jump away to a place called Kellogg's Diner where we sat and chatted more, milking as much of the young evening as we could. It was a real laid back second half for us, although some of the banter didn't stop. Somewhere along the line I told him a really gruesome story about something I heard happen at a train station in Manhattan many years ago. By then, and with perfect timing and Tony's brillance after having enjoyed some delicious chocolate ice cream, I found myself the butt of a mild poop joke...'re welcome.

The ice cream was great though. It wasn't overkill after the Poutine - certainly soft enough to take in and enjoy while walking off as much as possible as I was homebound in my commute. We wrapped up a little after midnight, but managed to set aside a moment en route to Tony's AirBnB location for a quick photo op. We would've went somewhere with better lighting but ultimately landed back in front of Sugarburg and frankly, I think we could have used more red. 🤔

As an addenum, while we embark forward from this point with Chu behind the lens in another field of expertise, it should be noted that he still trains to stay in shape. Point in fact, he's well on his way to adding "personal trainer" to his resumè as well. Bearing this in mind and for as long as I continue to run this site with more personal stories, movie news and Hit List updates, I hope this won't be the last time I get to see Tony or discuss him on Film Combat Syndicate having contributed so much on a premier and debut level to the birth of a new generation of stunt performers to date. For example: These fine people.

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