BEYOND SKYLINE: One Girl Is The Key To It All In The Latest Trailer

If last week's trailer reveal for Liam O'Donnell's new sci-fi, Beyond Skyline wasn't enough, a second trailer has arrived for your viewing pleasure ahead of its upcoming releases. This one delves more into the story and crux of the character played by Frank Grillo who lands in Indonesia at somepoint amid the invasion.

Among our characters, we meet the role played by actress Bojana Novakovic, as well as the image of a young girl who turns out to be the subject of the dialogue as some kind of "key". This, next to the story of a cop trying to rescue his son from an alien ship just adds more stakes to take in...and from O'Donnell's own script at that.

Topping it all off course is some tasty action shots featuring Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, adding further excitment to the film's push. It comes out in November in Indonesia with other dates in tow.

Watch the trailer now!

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