Battle Erupts Within THE FORTRESS In The Newest Trailer

At some point earlier on, an international trailer was unveiled for Hwang Dong-Hyuk's new period war drama, Namhansangseon. Of course it helps now that its new title is The Fortress for said internarional appeal and while a date is still yet to be set, the latest trailer has arrived - Korean subbed, but plenty of excellent footage to delve into with Hwang's fourth movie.

The film is based on author Kim Hoon's 2007 Hakgojae novel publication, set amid the warring 17th century Joseon era. Actor Park Hae-Il leads the cast as a King now under siege by Qing forces and forced into hiding in his moutain fortress where his two retainers, played bg Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Yun-Seok, both butt heads in their philosophies and ideals on how to deal with the Qing soliders; One wants to negotiate while the other wishes to fight head on. An epic deadlock ensues and things get pretty dramatic, and violent.

Check out the latest trailer and see for yourself.

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