THE HIT LIST: July 3, 2017

It sure sucked being sick this past week. It's what slowed down a lot of content going into the weekend on top of work (yes, having to work while sick is a thing that exists. Call your Congressman and let's end this atrocity! 🤣)

Well, at least not right away. Thankfully I'm on better straits and this week's Hit List is back and ripe with all you love and enjoy about this site and what and who we try to discover and keep up with. Heather Woods is one of those very people as we kick off this week's playlist of stunt and demo reels followed by the performances of Austin Durden, David Russell Graham, Airon Armstrong, Kate Mah, David Lavallee Jr., Fernando Jay Huerto, Ai Ikeda, Gee Alexander, Alex McCaslin, Kate Cochran, Stephon Reynolds, freerunner Sydney Olson's most entry for Red Bull Art of Motion 2017, and a new temp fight coordinator reel by stunt professional Michael Lehr.

We won't lag too much here but it'll be enough to help keep the hype going for another project we caught a glimpse of in its poster and for which its official teaser has now arrived. Eden Grey is the name of the project for UK-based Tyrone Samuels whose second narrative shortfilm serves as the launchpad for fledgeling film group, Decoded Theory.

The upcoming short has actress Mhairy Calvey starring as soldier gone rogue with sensitive information regarding the clinical trials and experiments being conducted at the black site from which she's escaped. Marco Torrens, Keith Porter, Timothy Hofmeier, Gately Freeman, Hannah Chalmers and Al Roye also star and there's more info at the official website.

Thankfully week's round of online action isn't a huge endurance run but still comes with a LOT of meat to its bones and I'm starting it off with some stellar pre-viz work by this week's Monday night creature T. Ryan Mooney, and a double-up from filmmaker/stunt fighting auteur Vlad Rimburg. Thereafter, actor and martial artist Noah Fleder returns to the director's seat and thus to his ever-vigilant YouTube Star Wars fans at Force Storm Entertainment premiering the first of a new three-part miniseries, Lost Tales Of The Republic: The Purge - Part One, and WWE star David Otunga gives his son's kidnappers a run for their money in his recent Father's Day outing, Love, also starring David Otunga Jr. and from directors J.A. Croom and The Blasian Twins.

The next comes from filmmakers Shian Wen and its star, Kasimir Poh Cieslak who sent to me several weeks ago on social media and I weirdly didn't get the notification until last Tuesday and I'm glad I caught on to it soon enough to share with fans still fawning over for stylish action that belovedly echoes traces of The Raid for the hardcore niche. That said, the score for slickly-edited one-take knife-wielding action thriller, Stream, is unmistakably on a loop and some of the shots are really tight but you'll get a kick out of the amount of effort endurance Cieslak commits to in this piece.

Rounding out the playlist are two of the most high-powered shortfilms you'll see online. They're from Neill Blomkamp, a man who needs not a huge introduction for the fan acclaim he's since extended with the launch of Oats Studios with the releases of sci-fi action gems, Rakka and Firebase. Rather, what he needs, resoundingly, are people who won't throw red tape in his face the second he comes with a good idea in mind that any studio and its suits would be LUCKY to juxtapose themselves with, and with all rolling out from Oats Studios and its Volume One releases, you will amass reasons why aplenty.

I'll leave the rest to you fine people. Hit the play button and let 'er rip!

Last week's Hit List was a jam-packed time killer. Check it out here and support the channels, and if you or someone you know has a kickass stunt and demo reel or a project that you feel deserves a place in our weekly Hit List, hit me up at
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