CONTRACTS 3: Alex Chung Makes It Official With The Full Trailer For His Feature Action Thriller Debut

Roughly sixteen years into a fledgling stunt and independent film career, filmmaker and actor Alex Chung is ready to take the next step having quietly advanced his agenda with his latest feature directorial debut. Thus, we get Contracts 3 the third follow-up in a series of non-linear shortfilms going back close to a decade - this one likely setting up for a much longer-form story of its own which could mean a title change in due time.

Chung's film here centers on a team of assassins who now find themselves targeted by a highly-skilled and superior killer. Also starring are an amalgam of actors and action talents that include Neil Bishop, Giulio Calisse, Michael Carter, Jermaine Carty, Christena Gaunce, Jonathan Pang, Dan Sanderson, Margaryta Soldatova and Kyle Stewart.

Release details are tentatively pending but a full trailer is now in our midst. Take a look!

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