BLEACH: Fukushi Sota Goes Full-Fledged Soul Reaper In The First Official Teaser

It's pretty odd. It's been nearly a year since we learned that Blade Of The Immortal co-star Fukushi Sota was to star in an adaptation of manga author Kubo Tite's longstanding property, Bleach, for Warner Bros. Japan. We've seen at least a few behind the scenes pics of Fukushi in costume while much has been little ado with who else would join the cast.

I reckon with the film's 2018 date approaching that this may change and hopefully that will change. It has a noteworthy director in Sato Shinsuke whose partial credits include The Princess Blade, Library Wars, zombie hit thriller I Am A Hero and hit manga adaptation Death Note: Light Up The New World, the latter which hits the Fantasia floor later this month.

With Bleach, its legacy hasn't been that of complete success, but it stood as a terrific read and viewing for the manga and anime crowd in its initial years since 2001, brimming with color, vibrance and energy. The core story here lies centrally with Kurosaki Ichigo, a high school student whose ability to see and interact with ghosts isn't as life-changing as the moment he crosses paths with Kikuchi Rukia, a Soul Reaper among many from a distant dimension known as the Soul Society.

Injured in the heat of battle with an afterworld demon called a Hollow, Rukia accidentally transfers the entirety of her power unto Ichigo. It gives him both a fighting chance, as well as a new identity and responsibilities to uphold with Rukia now left powerless and unable to return to her dimension, forging an alliance between two reluctant friends at the start of the first of many perilous journeys to come.

That's pretty much the gist of the role Fukushi is playing while we await on what the remainder of the cast will entail. For now though, we finally have a full-on glimpse of what Fukushi's portrayal will look like in live-action form ahead of the film's Summer 2018 release with a fresh new teaser and one-sheet. Check it out below!

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