Tell Your Cluster! SENSE8 Is Coming Back With A Two-Hour Finale In 2018

The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski created and launched something both beautiful and enthralling with the award-winning sci-fi action series, Sense8. Telling of a cluster of 8 people all born on the same exact date and of the same age with a unique DNA, the story spanned globally into the lives of these eight people who discovered a sudden ability to psychically connect and ultimately come to the aid of one another in times of need as an evil doctor conspired to hunt them down and kill them.

The show brought two great, eclectic, energizing seasons ripe with action and drama weighing equally on themes of love, LGBT pride and friendship. Season two kicked off in April and continued building on its story concepts by adding and exploring more on the "Sense8" phenomena with the additions of new characters, and a cliffhanger finale that promised something major for a potential third season...

...Until Netflix announced its cancellation at the start of June with the company going on record and telling fans they tried to find a way to make a continuation of the show work but simply couldn't. Of course, the fans knew that was bullshit and I gather a lot of us grew to, and bitterly at that, accept that Sense8 was over and nobody at Netflix gave a hog's ass about the show anymore, screw the fans, etc.

And of course, it also helped that the The Wachowskis, cared about this project as well. It's one of the best shows on Netflix and with the streaming giant getting so cancel-happy in the last few months, it didn't exactly bring any morsels of optimism...

Now, this week, TODAY, this happens:

The letter was posted via social media on Thursday and...well...I know it at least made my day. I had only gotten to know the show this past month watching both seasons back-to-back and I absolutely fell in love with it. The story is layered, the characters are a vital mix of imperfection, growth and learning, and most of all, comradery. We have a superb villain in Terrence Mann who plays Wolfgang (a.k.a. Whispers), the mad scientist struggling with his own internal politics in London as he menaces protagonist, actor Brian J. Smith who plays a Chicago cop whose role drives forward the show's murder-mystery engine onto season two as we learn more and more about the victim apart from the world sensate clusters hidden in plain sight.

So that's the albeit good news! A two-hour finale that might provide fans the reprieve they need for what's been an upsetting turn of events in the world of streaming entertainment. The bad news? Well, that depends. Apart from loving these characters and their respective story arcs so much, will two hours be enough at this point??

It sucks, sure. But it's better than nothing and I love this cast and this show too much to talk it down now. If two hours is what we've got, I'll take it. And that's just me, so comment below and let us all know your thoughts on this surprising development!
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