GINTAMA: THE MITSUBA ARC: A Tale Of Brotherly Love, Rivalry And Loyalty In The First Trailer For The Web Drama Spin-Off

The end is almost nigh for the wait until Fukuda Yuichi's release of the new movie, Gintama, inspired by the pages of Sorachi Hideaki's popular manga and subsequent anime series. The film is readying for a world premiere at Fantasia Fest next month followed by another screening in Bucheon later this year while Japan audiences gear up for a July 14 release with a live-action take on the Benizakura Arc.

For this, we turn to the continuation of the tale now in the form of a three-part web drama that will stream on July 15 on Japan's dTV platform with Gintama: The Mitsuba Arc, which delves heartily into the back story of the bittersweet rivalry between the two elite members of Edo's samurai police unit, The Shinsengumi. Actors Yagira Yuga, Yoshizawa Ryo and Nakamura Kankuro are back along with, and supermodel and actress Kitano Kie in the respective roles of Hijikata Toshiro, Okita Sogo, Kondo Isao and Mitsuba, Sogo's beloved sister.

Of course, there's also Oguri back in the obligatory role of odd-jobber and titular 4th wall-breaking hero Sakata Gintoki. Check it all out in the trailer below!

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