Almost A Decade Later, JCVD's FULL LOVE Draws Closer To A Release With A Brand New Trailer

It's anyone's guess at this point why it would take almost take years upon years for one movie to finally see completion of its production. Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest, Full Love, certainly saw its fair share of shelflife as the journey began in 2008 in Thailand and underwent an arduous process all its own with reshoots and festival screenings.

It's surely been an unscratchable itch for the average JCVD fan as the film languished. Thus, time has now proven somewhat fruitful with the newest official trailer for Full Love, here at long last and hailed from the noted Belgian film star himself sigaling its last days behind the curtain. "Hi friends, you had to wait a long time for it, but it will be worth the wait." he tells fans on Facebook. "I proudly present you the teaser for 'Full Love'. Soon there will be more updates about the release. Enjoy! #JCVD #FullLove"

Full Love marks Van Damme's second directorial turn after the 1998 film, The Quest. The actor stars from his own script which sees him as a former soldier-cum-taxi driver in Asia whose chance meeting with a beautiful woman, and haunted memories of his childhood, compel him to involve himself and save her from her burdening circumstances.

Whether or not this goes to festivals or straight to a distributor with dates pending, I'm pretty much taking the man's word for it that this will be the last leg of waiting before we hear more on acquisitions and release dates. Time to rejoice? I suppose... And maybe exhale too. Breathing is fun.

Check out brand new teaser below!

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