AJIN: DEMI HUMAN: Death, Life And Epic Creature Battles Are A Repeat Process In The First Official Trailer For The Live-Action Adaptation

It's understandable that one forgets things. Amid all the film festival hype I damn near forgot that a live-action adaptation of Sakurai Gamon's hit manga, Ajin: Demi Human was on the way which makes me wonder how come it's not heading to festivals this year, unless I'm wrong.

If not, I reckon part of this is due to the amount of work being put into the spectacular action sequences and immersive visuals with Bayside Shakedown film series and Shaolin Girl helmer Motohiro Katsuyuki at the helm. There wasn't a lot of footage in the previous teaser to showcase it much but there was just enough to garner some much-deserved interest and as of Sunday, to say the least, the official trailer guarantees the promise being offered here in a much more assuring fashion.

The film opens in Japan on September 30 and much to the delight of fans of both the manga, the anime series and films, as well as Rurouni Kenshin star Satoh Takeru. He leads the cast of the film as Nagai Kei, a medical intern who dies in a pedestrian accident only to be brought back to life by an infamous, supernatural anomaly upon which a government agency has waged war, stirring further conflict with a squad of mercenaries led by an elusive radical terrorist who shares the same gift as Nagai.

That gift, that anomaly comes in the form of what's only known as an Ajin, translucent, mysterious creatures symbiotic to their hosts and each with their own flaws and traits therein. Watch as these demonic, shadowy creatures stake their claim in the spotlight in the first official trailer below with actor Tamayama Tetsuji and actress Kawaei Rina, and actors Ayano Gou, Shirota Yuu and Yamada Yuki also starring.

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